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About IctElixir LLC Company:

We are a small Mom & Pop operation in Wichita Ks hence the Ict which is the freight and airport code for Wichita Ks. We do not have a huge overhead nor do we buy sports cars, vacation homes or other luxury items. We simply do our best at driving down the prices since our conception to keep things affordable for the average day folks, like us since 2002!


We Hand Craft flavor profiles developed by us, using only Professional top shelf flavors and Quality Kosher VG! "We don't claim to be premium nor do we have premium prices!"


All of our Hand Crafted blends are preaged four to six weeks before shipment, so there is less wait time on the consumer end. Many of our monthly consumers use our products right from the mail, although if you feel that you need to age them longer for your personal palate by all means feel free.


We use simple labeling instead of flashy and/or colorful labeling to cut cost to save everyone a ton of cash, so you can afford things in life that you want and/or need!


During our conception we realized the need for packs of juice so we put together discount pricing. We started off with 30ml sized bottles during our first six months and quickly moved into a full line of sizes and styles of bottles. While growing with our different sizing of bottles, we then decided to offer all bottles in juice packaged deals like our market orginal Buy 5 get one free deal (6 pack deal) on our 30ml bottle deal.


Hours (Unless a Feeral Holiday or posted time away on our website and Facebook Pages):

Monday Thru Fruiday 5am - 5pm

Saturday 5am - 11am

Normally we do try to reserve Saturday afternoon / evening as well as Sunday morning /afternoon for family time as we do have children, although during high volume times like when we run sales we prepare for them months in advance with product as well as help and overtime to move product in a timely manner to those that are so kind to allow us to seve them. .

Can I pick up locally?

No sorry pick up is not available as we are not a B&M so we do not have a public entrance in our secure facility, nor accidental insurance for the public. We do stay very busy 12-14 hrs per day and sometimes longer hours so our time is very restricted ensuring we are processing mail orders in a timely fashion.

Why do we only Accept Direct Visa card payments?

Very simply, attempted Extortion from Mastercard! Mastercard wanted several thousands more per year to process direct Mastercard payments, plus additional paperwork that would of cost thousands. This would of made our prices double if not triple, so we parted ways with Mastercard since they are no longer friendly to High Risk Payment Processing or our Industry!


Our mission is simple:

To keep our pricing affordable where you can still buy gas, groceries and pay your bills!

We strive daily at bringing back the ole world customer service that was lost long ago, promptly getting customers orders sent to them and into their hands. Let's face it no one likes to wait forever on something they paid for even if it is less expensive. 


Social Media:

We do have a couple Social Media pages, although we are much to busy to play Social Media warrior adolesent games. So if you are in to Social Media drama please exclude us as we will not tolerate that kind of behavior.

If you would like to join us on Social Media here are the links to find us:

Official IctElixir Company Facebook Page

Official IctElixir Fan Page


We hope you enjoyed reading a bit about us we will continue updating this page with more information about us from time to time.

We thank you for stopping by.

Christy -IctElixir LLC

The Ole Man and I in Washington DC getting our voices heard!

Sorry no half naked girls selling our products here. :-)

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