Patriotic 30ml Skull Bottle Special

Patriotic Special by IctElixir

Here at IctElxir we thought it would be very cool to do a Patriotic Juice Special to represent, "We the People"

On 1776 the The American Declaration of Independence was signed by America's forefathers. The Want, Will, and Hopes of the People

In this deal you will get a Red, White and Blue 30ml Glass Skull bottle filled with your choice of hand crafted IctElixir flavor!


Our Skull bottles do hold a bit more then "30ml" although we call them our 30ml skull bottles!

How much you ask? Of course for $17.76 the year that the Declaration of Independence was signed!


So what are you waiting for?



If you are looking for a larger bottle deal we have many more deals to fit your needs ->  Juice Deals


 Need empty bottles?


 You can buy individual bottles of each flavor profile!


Note: Glass dropper bottles with a squeezeable bulb on the top only pull a small amount of liquid out at a time, so if you are looking to disperse a large amount of liquid in one shot then a soft squeeze bottle would be a better optoin for you!

If you have never had this flavoring from us we do suggest you buy a small bottle or take advantage of our sample pack deal first!

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